Ho Khinwai

Ho Khinwai is one of the youngest local authors to put his pen down on the subject of getting good grades in school. He has authored his first book at age 20 while serving his National Service. Once an average student in his Secondary School, Khinwai uses the strategies that he shares today to propel himself to the top 1% in Nanyang Polytechnic’s (NYP) Business School and topped his cohort for his course, the Diploma in Banking & Finance. He has since received an undergraduate scholarship from the National University of Singapore. He was also placed on the Directors’ List every consecutive semester for his outstanding academic achievements. Khinwai is not only a published author and writer, he is a well-known young investor and infopreneur within his community. With a desire to find out what makes ordinary people extraordinary, Khinwai had personally trained under many top gurus including Adam Khoo, Executive Chairman of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG), Mary Buffett, former daughter-in-law to billionaire Warren Buffett, JT Foxx, the World’s #1 Wealth Coach and serial entrepreneur, Peng Joon, Asia’s leading internet marketer, and many more. He has also personally interviewed many success icons such as Boyce Avenue, Wong Fu Productions and Ryan Higa (Nigahiga). Currently, Khinwai is the founder of Zen Invest Solutions, which creates educational products and services that enable people to learn essential life and business skills in a simple and straightforward way. He believes that every individual can find success in their own lives, as long as the desire for it is present and massive action is taken.