I, am a graduate from a prestigious Australian university, accredited with a degree in Human behaviourial and Character Analysis.
I am 51 years old. 
I,the author (HOMOSAPIEN), am determined to change this world.
I have no inclination of aquiring fame,thus the name Homosapien, nor i have any underlying intentions of accumulating wealth from this book. The surcharge of $1.99 is for an academic fund.
I have a motivated vision to implement improvised programmes in all schools on this planet. Ushering in an era of new systems and advanced tecnologies in educating our children, where a primary school student attains a secondary(high) school knowledge, a high school student upgrades to a tertiary or university standard and a university student is empowered by higher levels of thoughts and experimentations to create new platforms for economic, medical, social and other much needed reforms. 
Intention is to alter the current stagnating and archaic education system.
Also, alighning humans in exercising more logical views.
In addition, amendment of our eating habits and products that we consume,for sustenance of life by prolonging our lndividual exsistence on earth by 20 to30 years.
Your contribution of $1.99 is for you(student) or your child and many others who are craving for more knowledge.
My writing may be controversial(religion) to a few readers, a very good read for many, but has been an exceptional, mandatory implementation for most.
You take your stance!!