Sonrae's Consulting_Imani Reign

I have worked in the area of training and development for 10-15 years, but really I find that life can be an excellent teacher. I am a coach and a consultant who's goal is to supply you with the things that can help to build & move you on a personal and business level. I own two separate businesses that are intertwined at the hip because they are both based on my faith. The first one is Imani Reign which literally means Faith Reigns. This is a business with products that speak to motivation and inspiration in the way of T-shirts, Framed Art, eBooks, and more. The 2nd business is Sonrae's Consulting, we do personal coaching for women, mainly those 35 and up, who are looking to transition in the are of business. We also do Business Consulting for budding small business entrepreneurs or those in a career transition; we assist with building websites, business forms and anything else necessary to help you get moving.