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Children's Comedy "THE GIMM" by iS Studio

Blue Moon of Ake | Audio Book


Blue Moon of Ake | Book One


Digital Bills Tracker Spreadsheet | Excel |Google Sheets


Light of Or'Dre Crystal



Crystal will need to find her way to step into her true powers to fight against those determined to change what is lawful.

However, not all will be easy for this misguided soul because unforeseen forces manipulate the divine flow for greed and control.

Will she be able to protect those she loves and survive a battle against evil never experienced before?

Digital Bills Tracker Spreadsheet | Excel |Google Sheets
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Here is an Excel spreadsheet version for your monthly expenses! This is easy to use and very effective when it comes to staying on top of your finances.

What are The Benefits of this Spreadsheet?

📌 You can keep track of all your monthly, yearly, or quarterly bills and subscriptions all in one location.

📌If you have quarterly or yearly expenses it will break it down monthly so you still get a good detailed monthly expense total.

📌You can keep all login and account numbers together, that way it is easy to get to if you forget.

📌Use it to budget better by having a better look at all your expenses together.

📌You can easily change and make as many updates as you need.

📌This spreadsheet comes as an excel download and as a Google sheet.

Once you have paid you will receive your Excel download and it will include the link to your google sheets.

This spreadsheet also comes as a fillable and printable PDF On Etsy

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