JanelyAchacoso Paintings

First of all I want to introduce myself my name is Janely Achacoso ,19 of age. I love my self as being good,honest, loyal, polite, caring, industrious,patience,faithful, sweet, kind and loving .my hobbies is cooking, painting,singing, gardening, badminton,drawing,washing clothes, cleaning the house, reading and sports. I love animals like dog, cat, bird, bunny, monkey and beer. I have lot's of sadness able my past and until now I've been suffering being poor lady. But I understand the situation of my parents . Only this i can do is to be strong, positive and have faith. And work the dreams that I been wishing even though I didn't fullfil my dreams yet. I'm here keep standing by my self . Even my own blood saying I'm worthless but I do believed them. They make me stronger and fight my weaknesses. I'm just high school graduate .never been in a university because of financial problems. Single I was started schooling in high school I've been working every weekend to have extra money for projects assignment and for the fare. I'm here trying to find way to earn and being more independent and self confidence to enhance my ability . Please help me or guide me lord. GOD BLESS US