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The Canaries Are Dying Update 3 Supplement


True true To The Right Be True


No Room For A Cow


How Not To Build A House


The Canaries Are Dying Update 3


The Canaries Are Dying Update 2 poisons in food


"Kill Me" and other Short Stories


Me at the Leopoldstreiner See-a photo view


Singing is Fun and Healthy-( Part 2


Me and Austria Part 1


Canaries are dying Update 1


Supplement 1 Santa Clara, Utah-the Geologic Process


Santa Clara, Utah, The Geologic Process Made It Possible


The Canaries Are Dying


Singing is Fun and Healthy-(


About Me

Books about geology, environmental health problems, poetry, learning languages, singing, adventure and coloring book are here.

"I loved your story.

You are very, very good with description. I could picture everything you wrote about."-BH

By a 72 year old father of four, grand father of fifteen and counting, who has lived in St. George, Utah, Washington and Central and Santa Clara, and Ivins, Utah. In Provo, Utah, Cottage Grove, Oregon, Vienna, Graz, Linz, Trofiach, and Leoben, Austria. 

An actor specializing in one man shows as Abe Lincoln, Brigham Young, Jacob Hamblin, Santa Claus and others. Actor in plays and operas, in film and TV. Did acting for fun in college.

Former radio announcer, LDS missionary to Austria 69-71, tutor German, in the construction maintenance field, do voice over work(man of many voices), sing solo and in groups and do storytelling, acting, love to garden and also to earn money, do internet marketing of affiliate sales and my own products and services.

Interests cover so many things that there isn't room here to tell of them all.