Wagner Business Services and Wagner Credit Repair

I am a credit & business nerd. I love to take consumer's credit profiles apart and share with them what the problem with their is and what they can do to start to improve their credit reports and credit scores. I have successfully been providing this service since 2009. My clients move forward to buy houses, refinance their homes, get loans to infuse money in their business and they come back for credit physicals and refer their family and friends to me. While working with people to fix their credit, I found that about 50% of my clients are business owners. When I helped them with their personal credit it just became a habit to help them with their business strategy and growth. For years, I provided this service as a courtesy however, at this time the demand is great and there is only one of me. I thought about how I could help many more people so I thought that an ebook would be the best and least expensive venue for consumers and business owners to reap the benefits of my knowledge. This is how these ebooks came to be. I still provide credit education, repair and business mentoring and coaching but at the basic level you can just purchase the ebooks. If you need more you can follow my blog or schedule a coaching/credit session.