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Celestial utterances (unaccompanied upper woodwind) (2016)


Flurries (solo piano) (2016)


Circular Musings (organ) (2014)


Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep (SSAA) (2013)


Quintango (piano duet) (2015)


Captive (solo piano) (2010)


Scenes from a Train (clarinet and piano) (2011)


Perkusi (solo flute) (2011)


Bells in the Rain (soprano and cello) (2012)


Prelude in B flat minor (organ)


La Nuit (solo piano)


Cracked Voices (2018) - Graham Palmer and Jenni Pinnock


About Me

With a varied collection of influences, British composer Jenni Pinnock’s music has been described as “refreshing”, “imaginative” and “tantalizingly beautiful in smoothness and soul”. Her work is heavily influenced by nature and the world around us, is predominantly tonal, and has received performances around the UK and in Europe. Jenni strives to avoid labels, so rather than attempt to ‘box’ her music she would encourage you to listen and open your mind instead.