Jenny's Erotic Writings

I was a phone sex operator for over 16 years. Lots of experience of making guys cocks explode, usually all over themselves! I worked for a chat line company back in 2000. Then in 2005 I ran my own private sex chat line. Even wrote and had a couple published books about it, How to Talk Dirty, A Hands on Guide to phone sex and A Darker Shade of Rose which is about auto-erotic asphyxiation or Death by Pussy! 

So, what I don't know or have not discovered about turning men on is not worth knowing. I have talked about every taboo subject under the sun. I am a very sexual, naughty, dirty bitch is my most popular name. I have explored every depraved, perverted fantasy and fetish there is going.

So, listen to my explicit intros of the erotic audios I have on offer, pick one or three and enjoy my dirty imagination and sexy voice, I know you will be cummimg back for more! Let's all iwank today!

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At work, horny in the office. Out walking the dog and you have a boner of your own! Watching porn while the wife's in bed. On a fishing trip with a throbbing rod. Any time you are horny, just pull me out and play me as many times as your cock desires! So, come on, boys, download an iwank today, much more naughty than itunes!" 

What I offer here is a combination of recorded stories in a sex chat format, you will believe I am talking dirty to you. I call them iwanks because they are a bit like itunes except, far dirtier. I won't be singing to you, that's for sure!