Jesus Alberto Cabal Reyes

Jesus Alberto Cabal Reyes: I was born in Colombia, South America, country where I got my high school education. In 1980 I graduated as a Chemist from the University of Puerto Rico, and from the nineteen eighties through the year 2003 was mainly employed as an Industrial Chemist by several chemical companies in the United States of America. Some of these companies also gave me excellent evaluations and letters of recommendation during, and after my employment as shown in this book’s Appendix. Upon knowledge and belief during the year of 1982 former President Ronald Reagan did issue an Executive Order suspending my constitutional rights within the United States after I filed "employment discrimination", "retaliation" and "defamation" charges against two employers. It appears that the main goal of such Executive Order was to ensure that I could not recover compensatory damages which I had sought in Federal Courts from those two corporations. At the time such companies were doing business in the states of Missouri, and New Jersey. It is also my understanding that the facts surrounding such Presidential intervention or Directives are considered “Highly Classified” under U.S. National Security statutes, most likely with the intention to cover up wrong doing.