Jordan Convert Books

About the Author He got “saved,” loved a lot, got hurt but kept getting back up, growing in Christ. He is an exemplary friend, an inspiration to many. He is a bright soul, a favorite of God. He will live eternally redeemed. Mrs. Lee Murray West Cobb Church, Powder Springs, Georgia G. Zeineldé Jordan (1959) is self-educated (Se.) beyond high school. He is non-denominational Christian Pentecostal. His full atheist-to-Christ conversion story is available in his autobiography: Shiny Hats or Rugged Cross? (An Atheist’s Libertarian Trek to Christ). Volume I (f.k.a. George Medeiros) Volume II (The Resurrections) Volume III (Christian Libertarian) e-Book Trilogy available via book His conversion documents and debates files are at He resides in quaint LaGrange, Georgia, with his treasured canine, Shanty, and her feline little brother, Lil-Bro.