230 pounds fat lady to 140 pounds slim girl in less than 2 years.

 My journey was started in May 2007. When I was 27 years old and my earning was 130 dollars. I have since lost over 100 pounds and gained confidence, happiness, and strength. As long as I could remember I was overweight my entire life.

My dieting started at probably around 10 years before. I never truly understood what it took to be healthy. My breaking point and need for change came in May when I felt so heavy and like I had given up. I had looked myself in the mirror. I thought wow, this is my life at 24 years old. How could I let myself get like this? I kept seeing so many fit moms playing with their kids and chasing them around and kept thinking how much I wanted that. I wanted to have the energy to play with my kids outside and enjoy life with them! 

I started eating dairy-free and the gluten-free diet6 to 7 times a week. I instantly started losing weight and feeling amazing! My motivation is to experience life to the fullest and be the best me and mom I can be! If you’re just starting or about to start my number one tip is just doing it! Don’t wait for a Monday, don’t “eat all of the bad food first” just change your mindset for a changed healthy lifestyle and do it! Find a lifestyle, not a diet that you can comfortably do every day. Beautiful bodies are hard work and dedication, this is something I truly realized for the first time May 2017 and never turned back! 

I feel as though I have broken the barrier to losing weight and I’m now determined to help others do that same