Kathryn Lee-Ryder

Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada Kathryn Lee-Ryder is the youngest of three children who inherited the motto “Giving up is not an option” from her beloved parents. Kathryn broke free from a 23-year abusive relationship in the year 2000 and is the creator of a unique, one-of-kind "Roadmap to Freedom" personal growth healing program. This program is based on her own survival strategies she adopted in the aftermath of her escape and is proven, tried and true. Looking back on Kathryn’s business career she held three college certificates by the age of twenty-five; in Financial Accounting, Human Resources and Computer Studies. Subsequently, she worked as a Information Technologies Manager, Human Resources Administrator, Trainer/Instructor and in Finance. Regardless of her education and employment experience, Kathryn herself plummeted into a poverty stricken lifestyle after leaving her abusive relationship. This simply increased her determination to create a whole new life. Kathryn is the author of “Destruction of Love – A Journey to Freedom” and "For Earth's Sake". Most recently, Kathryn has acquired certification as a Competent Communicator, Life Coach, NLP and Law of Attraction Practitioner and continues to gain knowledge, and certification in the healing fields. She is devoted to helping abused women find a whole new beginning in their life.