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Kate Rudolph is an ex-derby girl who lives in Indiana. She loves writing about kick butt heroines and the steamy heroes who love them. She’s been devouring romance novels since she was too young to be reading them and had to hide her books so no one would take them away. She couldn’t imagine a better job in this world than writing romances and sharing them with her fellow readers.

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In the Alpha's Bed: Stealing the Alpha Book 3


The Alien Reindeer's Wild Ride


Gemma's Mate




Mated to the Alien Volume Three Ebook


Mated to the Alien Volume Three


Exile's Adored Audiobook: Alien Mates Planet Exile Book 2


Exile's Hunter Audiobook: Alien Mates: Planet Exile Book 1


Exile's Adored (Alien Mates: Planet Exile Book 2)


Dragon Brides Volume One


Exile's Hunter (Alien Mates: Planet Exile Book 1)


Ranger Audiobook: Dragon Brides Book 2


Stalking Magic: Guarded by the Shifter Book 3


Crux Audiobook: Dragon Brides Book 1