Kevin Jones

I currently live in Colorado with my Wife and two daughters. I was born in San Diego, CA. I have been passionate about "green" technology all my life. At my previous employer, I designed and built a closed-loop water recycling system for their wash racks at all of their facilities in Sand Diego, CA. Saving the company money on their water bill and reducing their water consumption and overhead costs. While I lived in California, we owned a house in Temecula, CA that was the first private residential property in the city, to install and operate a Permitted Grey Water Reclamation System & Rain Water Harvesting System. Additionally, my career portfolio includes other "green" equipment and procedures that I designed and fabricated for my previous employer in San Diego, CA. I also have experience operating a waste water plant for an industrial laundry facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. There, I learned how to operate a D.A.F. (Dissolved Air Floatation Tank,) Sludge Press, and Heat Reclaimer that preheated incoming water with the warm waste water coming off the wash floor into the waste water plant. Additionally, I learned how to perform jar studies that tell you the proper dosage of treatment chemicals needed for the system. In addition, I learned how to conduct wedge tests to determine turbidity levels of the effluent water.