K.L. Holloway

Unlike other biographies, I'm going to break that fourth wall. I was born in the middle of the summer in 1987 to a family with all its problems. I found solace in books and in writing. My momma said, when she wasn't joking about finding me in a kid’s meal, that I must have been born with a book in one hand a pen in the other. So many romance books are great because you know when you pick them up there will be a happy ending. Sometimes though you want to see what happened between the main plot and the happily ever after. Life isn't a fairytale and sometimes we need a reminder life will be okay if it doesn't seem to work the first dozen times. Aside from The Laughing P series covering the hijinks found in small town living, in the next few years, I hope to have my supernatural series available for your enjoyment as well; following the heroic and sometimes idiotic antics of a kitsune Alex and her duo of misfits in The Devil's Playground. I know the tales I pen won't satisfy everyone, but they don't have to. I write for myself and hope that maybe somewhere in this world someone will enjoy the story. As always, you can follow me on facebook.com/k.l.holly Instagram & Twitter @Lunanara87