Kevin Mills

Kevin Brian Mills Jr. was born in an army base in Forth Worth, Texas. He grew up excelling in school until the third grade when he was held back academically. Playing football, baseball, and track and field was his true passion in his adolescence. Taking the talents he learned, he moved with his family to New Jersey. Spiritually, he relied on God to inspire him to excel in sports and in school. So he did just that. He graduated eighth in his class with thousands of dollars in scholarship money. He escaped the ghetto and followed his dream to play football in college, so he went to an NCAA Division I-AA school in Connecticut. Unprepared academically and socially unfit for the environment, he succumbed to depression. His abuse of marijuana led to his mental illness, but this was just the start to his demise. He referred back to his spirituality, and he was rejuvenated. He is at a crossroad in his life currently, but his faith continues to keep him above ground. He takes no credit for the book, but he dedicates it to Jesus Christ for all that he has done for him.