Kristal E. Lynn

Angel Kitty Summary: It has been 12 years since the Hart family had a cat and they decided it was time to get another one. They went online and were attracted to the different types of tiger cats. They got together and made a list of what type of cat they wished to have. Nice personality, not mean, etc. While the family was searching, four cats showed up at their back door and one of them was a tiger cat. The story is told in two points of view. Krystal Hart's version of how they got their special kitty and Bella, the tiger cat's version of how she found the perfect home. This is the perfect gift for your children and grandchildren. Adults will love it too. I'm an inspired new author who loves reading books that are in these genres: young adult, supernatural, paranormal and new age. The way we got our cat four years ago was really magical and it inspired me to write "Angel Kitty." It's futuristic, has a little scifi in it. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you and your children and grandchildren enjoy reading it. :) My hobbies are surfing the internet, watching tv/movies and reading.