K. Scott Lewis

Hello! I'm K. Scott Lewis, and I write epic fantasy for the series called The Ahmbren Chronicles. The Ahmbren Chronicles is set in a fictional world on another planet where dragons, gods, and magic exist. My stories are written for mature audiences and feature elements of horror, the supernatural, romance, social issues, religion, and a dash of science-fiction. I draw heavily on world mythology and current events for inspiration, and interweave the complexity of life into a magical backdrop, to include faith vs. skepticism, sexual identity vs. sexual conformity, ambition vs. compassion, substance addiction, and balancing the needs of family vs. the call of duty. My first trilogy, When Dragons Die, contains elements of steampunk (gunpowder, flying airships, and a mechanical android) and classic fantasy (elves, dragons, wizards, demons) as the world transitions from high fantasy into an age of reason. The trilogy starts with Lightfall, which follows an elf's journey of self discovery as she tries to help a world broken by the Black Dragon's death rebuild itself. The story continues in Covenant, which features a vampire contagion story inspired by modern zombie outbreak tales. The trilogy concludes in The Tides of Artalon as gods, dragons, elves, and humans vie for the power to define life's purpose. I'm currently working on the prequel, Myth and Incarnation, scheduled to be out in late 2014. It is set in a classical high fantasy/renaissance age (pre-gunpowder), and tells the story of three people who learn they are the mortal incarnations of the three Archdragons, and how they come to terms with that realization. You can follow the development of The Ahmbren Chronicles at [https://www.facebook.com/TheAhmbrenChronicles] and on twitter [@kscottlewis]. I also write about science fiction and fantasy on my blog, Inner Worlds Fiction [http://www.innerworldsfiction.com].