Lady Devreux

What is there to say?
I may be the woman next to you at the grocer's, smiling in my jumper at you as we strike up a conversation about everything and nothing....
I may be the woman whom you see everyday jogging past, with my dog in tow, a smile on my face as our eyes meet...
Or I may be the mature woman that is out and about on the town as her significant other is away on business, seeking something that one can not simply request at the hypermarket!
Who I am is Lady Devreux, a British born authoress of erotic romance novels, no matter who I may be in my day to day life.
What is fact- or what is fiction- that is up to you, dear reader, to decide as you enjoy the wide variety of stories that I spin, to determine what is pure imagination, and what is drawn from a life time of experience. I compose these works with a mind to expressing the fullness of my characters, their lives and their motivations as detailed as the actions that transpire across the pages. I invite you if you have not done so to take a journey into these worlds and lives that are so much like many of our own are, or we wish they were.