Laura Ling

Originally born and raised in Austin, TX but currently residing in Southern California. The past 10 years, she has worked in the corporate world holding position as a Project Assistant, Project Manager, Regional Site Manager, and Site Director. Her passion with fitness came when she was assigned a management position and required her to travel for a living. Then is where she noticed her health and her body changing drastically with such a demanding career. In late 2010, she decided to make a change and hired a local trainer when she was residing in San Antonio, TX. She reached her desired fitness goal and then is where the trainer suggested her to compete in the NPC Bikini division. She then got a job offer as a Project Manager which relocated her to San Diego, CA in 2013 and then competed in her first bikini competition with the guidance of a local trainer. Post competition she developed a fear of foods because she had rebounded from a diet where she was restricted to lots of foods which eventually lead to a 28lb unhealthy weight gain in 2 months. She was determined to get back to her old self. After months of research, she then learned about science based flexible dieting and learn to utilize it for herself. In 2014 she stepped back on stage as a bikini competitor again but following IIFYM route and collected two trophies (4th in Novice and 2nd place in open qualifying her for a national show). Then is where she met Laz who sponsored her as an athlete for her third NPC competition and stepped off stage with a 2nd place trophy qualifying her for a Team Universe national show. Laura is a published Fitness Model in Ironman Magazine as a Rising Fitness Star and Centerstage Magazine as an Eyecandy Fitness Model. Laura has 3 English Bulldogs and she is an amateur national level billiard player. Laura is a self-taught home chef and knows her way around the kitchen. She is in the works of publishing a Recipe ebook to help people create delicious macro friendly meals while still enjoying foods in moderation. She wants to help people reach their fitness goals whether competing or as a lifestyle change. She wants to spread her knowledge with how she sees numbers and that food should not be restricted no matter what her client’s health and fitness goals are.