Laurie Elisabeth Ashcroft

So, as you've probably guessed, I'm Laurie Ashcroft. I live just outside of Middlesbrough, up in the North East of England, I write The Single Girl's Survival Blog and The Cattringham Times... and, as you'll probably see only a few lines in, I'm pretty terrible at writing bios about myself. Other people, I can bio just fine - but myself? No. I'm not comfortable doing that, so I'm not brilliant at doing that. What I CAN tell you, though, is that I just ADORE writing. Growing up, I was the biggest bookworm going - apparently, when I first started school, I used to just wander out of class to sit in the cloakroom, buried in coats, and read whatever book I was into at that time. In fact, the only way people knew where I was was because my little feet (which I doubt have ever been THAT little) were sticking out from beneath the coats. Fast-forward to Secondary School, and I'm getting told off by my teachers because I'm reading a book or writing my own when I should be doing sums or sciencey stuff or something else that was keeping me from being a bestselling famous author. Later in Secondary School, my teachers gave up on telling me off & accepted that I was That One Girl Who Writes All The Time Instead Of Doing What We Want Her To Do. I've always loved writing; I've written all kinds of stories, most of which never even got finished, never mind saw the light of day. And this is where Armitage comes in. I love Armitage to bits. I have so much fun writing her; she's so nosey, so bouncy and cheerful, and so convinced that she's fantastic that I couldn't possibly NOT enjoy writing her little adventures and nosies. I just hope that you love her as much as I do.