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Featured: Fasten Off Yarnalong

Marking Time Collection (contains 3 patterns)


Chocobo Racer


Black Flame Candle


Diana Headband




Star Chart


Double-up Hat


Double-up Cowl


Fear Street


Light Breaks


Little Bits Beanie - free size


About Me

My name is Lauren and I’m a knitter living in Seattle.

I design things that I like to knit - loose, comfortable garments with straightforward designs and easy-to-remember patterns, with a challenging construction or stitch pattern thrown in here and there. If it can bust stash at the same time, so much the better. My goal in all things is “delightful, and a little weird.”

I primarily design for adults, and I’m committed to inclusive sizing, which means my sweater patterns will run from 30” to 60” bust sizes at a minimum, and my sock patterns will include instructions for optional calf shaping. I’m also committed to anti-racist work, which guides what individuals and companies I partner with, and where I buy from or donate to.

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