La Vafara MTÜ, Tallinn, Estonia

Kapilesh Choudhary, Graduate in Commerce from Delhi University, India has worked on many company-based projects as freelancer that involve auditing and marketing. He is currently acting as Managing Trustee for OHH (India), Chief in Editor at national magazine True Lies (India), Director in Non profit association at LA VAFARA MTÜ (Estonia), Partner in LA VAFARA (India), Chief Promoter for GLS and FELA (London) and Senior Analyst for a MCKF (India). He has over 12 year of (International) experience in the field of Analytics and also specializes in setting up various projects in UAE, Malaysia, London, Australia, Europe and India. He is an expert in the area of developing strategies and provides thought leadership and pursues strategies for engagements with senior executives. He works with business owners, non-profits and organizations that use free publicity in traditional and social media to establish their credibility enhance their reputation, position themselves as experts, sell more products and services, and promote a cause or issue. In this book he has explained various techniques which one can adopt and change his/her living style, also guide you How an Individual can become e Resident of Estonia and benefit of becoming e Resident of Estonia, with his real life scenario showing his Digital journey from India to Estonia.