Dr. Lawretta Emiakpor Ogrih

Dr. Lawretta Emiakpor Ogrih (Nee Onomerike) is the Founder/Director of Ivory House Schools. She was the operating Consultant & Pioneer Head of Campus of the Lagos State University, Lekki campus. Under one of her brain child, Ivory Whetstones & Mentors Foundation, she runs with the vision, ‘To see potentials, creativity, love & good works stirred up in children, youths, men and women, towards Personal, Community, National & global development & growth. In this regard, she has written and published nine books, (4 for children & 5 for adults), and they include; 1. Gifted Vessels 2. Oghale (the survival tale of the girl child) 3. I Am Valuable 4. A Debt to Love 5. Changing your world because you can THINK, TALK, TRY, TRAIN, TRADE… using your unique personality type. 6. You’ve Got All it Takes to Excel (You’ve got the 3 G’s) 7. Freely We Receive, Freely We Give 8. Treasures In The Darkness 9. Greater Love(When a man lay down his life for his friends) Dr. Lawretta is also the publisher/Editorial Director of SEE Inspirations, a not-for-sale quarterly Christian magazine for adults & youngsters, which is a compilation of true turning point stories. She is the Visionary/Publisher of the yearly IVH Yellow Pages for businesses in Lekki/Ajah & Environ which is also circulated free. In a bid to further inspire her world & SEE others inspire their world in a conducive environment, she recently set up/Oversees the SEE Centre, a state of the art multi events/conference/exhibition centre in Lekki (Oko-Ado). Dr. Lawretta is a passionate Reader, Communicator, Writer & Entrepreneur, who love reaching out to her world using the blessings, strengths & comfort she has received from the Lord God. She is married to Sam Ogrih, a Businessman/Builder and they are blessed with two teenage sons, Oreva and Ruona.