joel davis

Geniousity is ninety nine percent perspiration and on percent inspiration, great things will happen when God is in it , and if I should climb a mountain to reach the top, I have to start from the bottom, now currently this year is my last finalizing my academic year at Ewarton high school as a six form student, and thus will be furthering my education in the career of anesthetic nursing at UWI Mona from the start of academic year 2017, I Joel Samuel Davis is an optimistic individual who enjoys a positive approach to life, am very helpful, honest and thus creative in all that I can do. Am always humble in spite of all challenges I faced in life and kind in doing my best to help others, I don’t have the personality of barking off persons who at most times ask me for a favor, to my intentions I all ways look out for others, further more I like to reason with my friends and other citizens whether old or young as this helps me in extending my knowledge, and most times in all my reasoning a love to talk about building wealth, though on a whole I love thinking big with a mindset on accomplishing great things and thus work towards fulfilling my set goals. Within my time at Ewarton high enrolled myself in a few clubs, such as; the quiz club and the science club, however the quiz club was the most active for me in which I was an active member on the quiz team and thus played three times on TVJs school challenges quiz those experience were totally not a waste of time , I was also prefect and a student’s counsellor for my class, these task at times were challenging, but on doing that I push myself in doing better, though in all things I do I put God first for best in keeping focus and with a steady mindset in which I focus on one thing at a time to pace myself towards success and in all my fails, I am self-motivated to keep working harder for better and in all that I do or take part in, I will do it to the best of my ability with a determine spirit. I see myself as a potential, in which I will strive amidst adversities in accomplishing my set goals and thus learning from my mistakes plays uberous role in my life, I am teachable, easy to learn things quite well, and the main fact is am willing to learn and listen more than the act of just speaking, I consider this very significant whether am at school, at home or even as an employee working for an organization cause I totally understand to the fact that all employers will not repeatedly speak to his/ her employee more than one time when given a command, I find insulting as to which that particular individual does not care. Now there are hobbies I enjoy doing in my spare time, such as; reading health books, doing routine exercise, listening to music, watching movies and educational programs on TValso playing games and I don’t enrolled myself in activities that are not positively profound, I therefore thank you for taking the time again in reading this small essay on behalf of the characteristic of myself.