Lisa Long Designs

Everyday I combine my 11 years of experience teaching art to kids in Dallas, Texas, with my lifetime experience of learning art to create beautifully illustrated and hand lettered designs that engage, inspire, and entertain people in your community. Over the past couple years, I have focused on hand lettering and illustrations. What started as a hobby has quickly turned into a career that I love! With my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in my hands, I crush it on apps like Procreate to create eye-catching content that makes people stop and say, “Wow! How did she do that?” I also teach these techniques alongside creating! Being a teacher for 11 years in public schools has really shown me that in order to learn the content really well, you must teach it to others. Not only do my online classes help others learn, they help me become the best at what I do! That means I have speed and precision and can complete projects in shorts periods of time with my hyper-focus and creativity.