Live Life Luvd Coaching LLC

Andrea M. Stuckey is the Founder of Live Live Luvd Coaching LLC and Divorced Women Unite™️ an online resource and community for women who desire to rebuild, redefine, and liberate their lives after divorce. She helps women recover from the pain of separation and divorce. Having been divorced twice, she is passionate about helping women rebuild their lives. Andrea is an author, life coach, and powerful speaker whose mission is to uplift and commission women into their purpose. “I gained a great deal of information from your coaching! I honestly was able to see the results a great deal, as I followed your assignment requirements and tasks! I feel so much better about myself, and the decision-making process has taken overall. I know that God placed you in my life for a reason. Your lessons allowed me to really take a look at my life from within. I am able to regroup and refocus on my business goals and personal life. Again, thanks for everything! I will continue to use your guidance as a tool in my everyday living.” ~Chantel Brown, MBA CEO, Maxxtell Creations LLC