Millionaire Alliance Corp-Soul Journey Coaching

Hello! I am The Unapologetic Therapist™ As a  phoenix rising homeschooling single parent who loves the beach, mountains, sleep, and FOOD; I teach  you how to go to bed with more money to your name than you woke up with and  be able to afford what you want, need    to feel good about yourself and have  faith, love  confidence   regarding yourself, and not  allow others and situations to consume and control you, it doesn't have to be that way!   #unapologetic  And   I teach you, so you know at a soul level that your words, message matter ⚖.        #stopcodependency #stopaddiction

I support  clients via my VIP On-Demand Portal  jam packed with  Mind-maps,  eBooks,  Strategies,  Formulas,  eCourses,  Videos, Meditations.