Millionaire Alliance Corp-Soul Journey Coaching

Hello I am Meredith (Mere to some, Mommy to my Ladybug , Dr. Meredith Watson, in my professional world ) I have an angel son I adore I have a precious daughter who lights my world and won’t let me pee alone! Sometimes I want to chuck it all and run away to a long endless road trip I love Pizza, Rum & Coke and most decadent food (chocolate peanut butter chez cake anyone? ) I love the word FUCK and can find a way to use it in any setting to mean a multitude of things The love of my life.... taught me and burned me I cut off 99% of my genetic cohort and never looked back I know death (thru personal and loss experiences ) I have NO rhythm I blaze my own trail I lived in a box for almost 4 decades created by someone else who forgot to leave air holes #suffocate I have tried just about every religion and decided on Uniquely Spiritual as my faith of choice Being gas lit sucks but you can survive I am Dr. MJ Watson Thru the Soul Journey Coaching Practice- - I support you as you create a Business , Life, Holistic Health you love ! I offer a 1:1 Support in the areas of Business , Life, Holistic Health -You deserve it, Of Course you do!!!! I am also a Psychoneuroimmunology Practitioner -- psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the effect of the mind on health and resistance to disease. Specifically helping people assess what their pain is manifesting. Find out more about Me & Soul Journey Business , Life, Holistic Health 1:1 Support! OTHER FUN FACTOIDS I love owning my own time, reading, traveling, sleeping, eating, cooking, mountains, beaches, Learning (PhD Holder) and being with my Daughter and Mom! If my brand were music and photos this is what it’d be… check this out I am excited to connect!