Nicholas Mackey, I Am Forever, LLC

My life is art. Everything in me can't shake the fact that I am suppose to be an artist. Everything around starts off small and becomes large. For a very long time I didn't know what to do with my life, until a certain point of realization. The realization that life is what you truly make of it because it belongs to you. Throughout my years of discovery, I have learned how to do several forms of art. This includes: hair cutting, graphic design, clothing design, writing, craftsman, photography, painting, and illustrating. I have also founded a company called I Am Forever, LLC. My plan is to bring artist all over the world together on one platform to build a community. My recent big accomplishment was my book entitled Mackolous along with its masterpiece, secondary art, and audio book. I have a ten book and ten masterpiece plan and have nine left to go. I am forever and you are forever, through whatever you shall do.