Jacques Magliolo

Born: 1961 Contact: jsrmagliolo@gmail.com Jacques Magliolo was born in a tiny sardine fishing village in Morocco in the early sixties to a Sicilian father and French mother. In his formative years Jacques was exposed to the Islamic culture and spoke fluent Arabic and French. This multi-cultural, multi-lingual upbringing, together with his wild imagination and eccentric personality gave Jacques the advantages seen in his creative writing and thinking skills. At the age of eight, Jacques' family immigrated to a port city on the Southern Indian Ocean seaboard, where he completed his schooling and tertiary education. Despite being little equipped in the mother tongue, English, Jacques went on to complete his BCom, and later his Masters in the field of Economics. Currently pursuing his PHD, Jacques is a shrewd business man, mentor, leader and public speaker. He has been sourced for his intellectual property in many areas worldwide, including in the fields of economics, business, stockbroking, trading and political arenas. His passion for writing has led him to publish 17 books, five being international best sellers and three university textbooks. But it is a newly found lease on life and a sense of freedom that has driven him to inspire others and to offer a message of hope to struggling entrepreneurs and novice traders.