Magdalena Lepkowska @ Mag's Media

Mag Lepkowska started Mag's Media in late 2017. Since then, the company has grown, helping many businesses succeed online - from convienience stores, to restaurants and bars, cafes and individual clients. Mag's Media is now a small team of independent, freelance experts specialising in commerical photography and video production, and - you guessed it - social media management. 

Mag Lepkowska has put together a series of e-books serving as fool-proof guides for variety of businesses, concentrating mainly on the hospitality sector. Our e-books are targetted at restaurants and bars however, many businesses can benefit from the information. 

Download our Social Media CookBook for Restaurants and Bars now and learn how you can manage successful social media campaigns on your own, using our fool-proof guide. No jargon, no complicated explanations. Simple, in-depth 10-step guide to upping your social media game and winning more customers online. 

First Edition 2020 - Surviving Post Lockdown - How to Succeed Online with your Relaunch 

Available June 2020