Aymeric Perfrement

Aymeric Perfrement is an aerospace engineering student at Monash University. Whilst in his final year of VCE at Melbourne High School, Aymeric needed a break from studying and so he decided to write a book. He found lots of interesting facts and stories on trams through talking to enthusiasts and reading books, but he also found there wasn’t much recent information on Melbourne’s tram network. Mid year 12, Aymeric’s interest in trams piqued, he started writing and couldn’t stop. In the course of his writing, he formed good relationships with members of the Melbourne Tram Museum. They were extremely helpful with fact checking and they provided access to photographs new and old. This is why Aymeric has chosen to launch his book at the Melbourne Tram Museum.

Aymeric speaks English, French and conversational Mandarin. In high school, he was the Mathletes Team Captain. And yes – he enjoys Maths, a lot. His writing style has been referred to as an entertaining balance between facts and fun. He has drawn on his facts and fun escapade, to document Melbourne’s tram history in an interesting manner. The book appeals to both Melbournians and visitors alike. Each story is depicted with an array of historical photographs from his personal library and (with permission) photos and drawings from the Melbourne Tram Museum and their enthusiastic volunteers.
In his leisure time, Aymeric is a home mechanic, modifying his car to his own design and further applying his skill to servicing and building racing bicycles from the ground up. He keeps himself fit with his passion for Taekwondo. Finally, and more importantly, he brews his own beer at home – although not always with consistent success…