Hi everyone! I am Melanie, currently 19 years old and live in Canada. I have always been a small type of girl, but did not like the way my body looked and felt. When my mom told me about her going to a gym to maintain a healthy body, I wanted to try it out. Since i wasn't in age back then, I would do some exercises in my room for half hour. When I was old enough to go into a gym, I tried it out for my first time and was unsure of how to use the machines or what exercises to do. But after that workout, I felt AMAZING. So, as the days went by, I made the gym become a routine. A few days out of the week, I would go to the gym. Outside of the gym, at the time i did not watch how or what I was eating. Now I have more experience with the gym, have done some research, and took a health & fitness course, I eat a healthier diet, and enjoy my lifestyle. All because of that one day of me walking into the gym and walking out feeling like a new person.