Michele Patton Johnson

Michele Johnson is a Certified Life Coach & Certified Image Consultant and the CEO of In Our Image Coaching & Consulting, LLC.  With a well-rounded education and work experience on her side, she takes her vast knowledge of life mixed with spiritually based foundations and delivers them to women uncut and on time.  She has a passion for fashion and empowering and training women and girls, with the tools they need to define and embrace who they are really meant to be.Combining the discipline of her military background, and the powerful story of her personal transformation, she equips her clients with the courage to dig deep, find their inner confidence and learn to love the way they live & look.  As a result, they are able to walk the runway of life with a positive self-image and customized style, equipped to take on a new job role, transition to a new stage in life, uplevel their brand, or simply look fabulous for a special occasion