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About Mindful Planner

I'm Theresa, and I'm an artist, content creator & planner enthusiast on a mission to help people transform through art & creativity.

I help creatives & visual thinkers go from creative blocks and imposter syndrome to unlocking their creative potential so that they can live a rich, joyful life free from stress.

My mission is to help people discover their dormant creativity, so that their creative inner child & artist can courageously show up in the world.

In order for that creative genius shine through we sometimes need a solid plan and vision so that we know where we're going. It all starts with figuring & planning out what you want in the first place.

That's why I'm dedicated to helping people set up a planning system to unlock that vision. When I started with digital planning some years ago I started creating my own digital planners, stickers etc, and that's where this shop was born.

In 2020 I quit my 9-5 job. I was stressed out and on the verge of being burned out, so I knew I needed to do something else.

I wanted to help people overcoming anxiety, procrastination & overwhelm, which can be huge blockages for a creative person.

As a part of the digital planning community I feel like home. I've found my tribe of digital planner enthusiasts. That's also why I started this shop: to contribute to the growing planning community and help people with digital planning, time management and other useful productivity tools.

The products you find in the shop are mainly geared towards digital planning. You can also find digital stickers & other fun stuff to add to your digital planning experience as well.

Planning & mindfulness

Planning should be about actualizing your visions & goals, not trying to squeeze everything into a tight schedule.

I always want to implement "smarter, not harder" as a mantra for my work, and plan for a productive week without being busy all the time. My products are designed to help you plan for a productive yet healthy life without stress & anxiety.

Planning and creativity

As much as I love planning & productivity hacks & tricks, I love to help people with getting in touch with their creativity and that's why I create planner stickers and other goodies for planner people like me who want to spice up their planning with creativity.

I'm also a freeform crochet artist and I love to share this knowledge with the world as well.

Blog Posts

2023 Witches' Almanac digital planner for Goodnotes
A digital dark mode planner for witches, pagans & WiccansDo you want to plan your everyday life in a spiritual and magick way? The 2023 Witches' Almanac digital dark mode planner is designed for you. I don't care if you identify as a wi...
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Gantt chart | Project Planner for Goodnotes
A project planner for digital planner geeksIs this you:You have a lot of projects going on. Perhaps you're a freelancer or a solopreneur.You want to see all your projects at a glance, but you can't really do that with a calendar app.You...
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5 sticky notes hacks for digital planners
Digital sticky notes are a game changer!Are you using Goodnotes 5 for your digital planning? Then this blog post is for you, because today I'm going to reveal 5 digital sticky notes hacks that you might not have heard of and that you can use in ...
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My 5 color work week system for creatives & visual thinkers
I came up with a system which I call the "5 color workweek system" and it's loosely based on the Design Sprint Method (except that my system is aimed for solopreneurs & small business owners instead of large teams which is the case with the Desig...
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Get 20% more creative by adding PLAY to your planning routine
Today I want to talk about something very serious: how to PLAY. I truly believe that we are all creative beings, yet we don't play as often as we used to when we were kids.Studies show that play plays a significant role in a child's develo...
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Are you a pagan, wiccan or witch? This pagan planner is for you!
If you’re into contemporary paganism, You might be familiar with a to-do list somewhat similar to this:Work at your day jobPick your kids up from schoolCook dinnerThe household needs some attentionGo to the grocery store once in a while.You want to...
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How to use digital planner stickers with Goodnotes
Digital stickers is the new thing!I’m super exited to show you how I use digital stickers to amp up my digital planning in Goodnotes.If you’re new to the digital planning world, I can ensure you that you’re going to have so much fun if you star...
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