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About Theresa | Mindful Planner

I'm Theresa, and I'm a creative with a passion for planning and productivity.

I strongly believe that we are all creative beings first and foremost. But in order to let that creative genius shine through we need a proper plan towards our goals.

That's why I'm obsessed with helping people set up a planning system that works. My focus is helping small business owners grow their mindset & business by helping them map out a solid plan and stick to it.

The tools you will find in this shop is mainly geared towards your personal and business growth, but you will also find digital stickers & other fun stuff to add to your digital planning experience as well.

Digital products for your digital planning!

Digital planners

We are all about digital planning. In the store you can find all sorts of planners to suit your digital planning needs.

Digital stickers

Digital planner stickers are a great way to express yourself and make your planning fun! Browse our sticker collections here:

Witchy stuff

We love witchy stuff here at Mindful Planner. Check out the bestselling 2022 Witches' Almanac here:

Creative templates

Templates & e-books to make your yearly, monthly & weekly creative planning even more creative & fun!