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About Me

I'm Theresa, and I'm an artist, content creator & planner enthusiast on a mission to help people transform through art & creativity.

I help creatives & visual thinkers go from creative blocks and imposter syndrome to unlocking their creative potential so that they can live a rich, joyful life free from stress.

My mission is to help people discover their dormant creativity, so that their creative inner child & artist can courageously show up in the world.

In order for that creative genius to shine through we sometimes need a solid plan and vision so that we know where we're going. It all starts with figuring & planning out what you want in the first place.

That's why I'm dedicated to helping people set up a planning system to unlock that vision. When I started with digital planning some years ago I started creating my own digital planners, stickers etc, and that's where this shop was born.

In 2020 I quit my 9-5 job. I was stressed out and on the verge of being burned out, so I knew I needed to do something else.

I wanted to help people overcoming anxiety, procrastination & overwhelm, which can be huge blocks for a creative person.

The products you find in the shop are mainly geared towards digital planning. You can also find digital stickers & fun stuff to add to your digital planning experience as well.

Planning & manifesting your goals

Planning should be about actualizing your visions & goals, not trying to squeeze everything into a tight schedule.

My products are designed to help you plan for a stress free, productive & magic life.

Planning and creativity

I love helping people to get in touch with their creativity. That's why I create planner stickers so that you can spice up your planning with creativity.

Blog Posts

How the Morning Pages changed my life
WHAT ARE THE MORNING PAGES?If you have never heard of the Morning Pages but want to give a new habit a try, I can assure you that you’re about to change your life for the better. If you find that journaling is a relaxing method for you to help o...
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10 ways to declutter your workspace
DECLUTTER ONCE AND FOR ALLA cluttered workspace is a real energy thief when you are trying to work. In this article I will give you tips on how to declutter your workspace as well as your mind.1. Declutter your deskThe first thing you want to do is t...
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Stop multitasking - start single tasking
MULTITASKINGAre you trying to accomplish several tasks at once? Answering an email and listening to a colleague simultaneously? Or trying to speak on the phone while driving (which is not allowed by the way). Or your child comes in and asks you ...
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The Minimalist Bullet Journal
The Bullet Journal systemIf you are a planning enthusiast like me I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard of the Bullet Journal system and chances are you’re already a bullet journaler.The Bullet Journal CommunityThe Bullet Journal community grows bigge...
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The Eisenhower MethodDo you have an ongoing, neverending to-do list? As soon as you clear something out, a new task will take its place. In today’s article we are going to examime the Eisenhower method which is a great way to manage yo...
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Are you drowning in your inbox everyday? Do you have thousands of old emails in there? Do you get stressed out when you open your email?Fear no more, because today we are going to talk about some secrets on how to detox your inbox and get rid of that...
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13 ways to reconnect with your inner child
Reconnect with your inner child so that you can spark your creativityIn today’s article I will share with you some helpful tips on how you can reconnect with your inner child so that you can reconnect with your creative aspect of yourself. It’s impor...
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Perfectionism & procrastination
Do you take pride in being a perfectionist?Do you want everything to be perfect before you let anyone see your work? Then this blog post might be the one for you, because I’m here to introduce an idea to you today. It might be a little provocative bu...
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How to take care of your mind garden
I’ve always loved to walk around in a beautiful park or garden. The feeling when you walk around among all the flowers and trees that are planted there, and watch the birds take a bath in a pond.A while ago, I got this idea that a garden or park isn’...
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Declutter your life with the Konmari method
MinimalismIf you’re not a minimalist yet but consider becoming one, take a leap towards it today. It’s such a relief to get rid of things that don’t serve a purpose for you anymore. This goes with physical as well as mental things. If you start to de...
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the Mind Map Structure
I am sure that you have heard of the mind map and maybe even tried out this method of note taking. Today we are going to examine this structure, and I’m going to look into why it is so beneficial compared to a traditional note taking style.SO WHAT IS...
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SCRUM vs. Bullet Journal Planning
If you’ve heard of SCRUM, you might be thinking of software development. This is usually where you find people working with this framework.Well, I’m nothing as such, but I am interested in how to effectively manage my time and my tasks, so I wanted t...
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The JARS system - how it works and how you can use it to manage your finances & time
Have you ever heard of the JARS system? When I found out about this system, I was blown away. It is such a simple and elegant, yet effective way to make sure your money goes where it’s supposed to.Today I will go through this elegant money management...
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WHAT IS HAPPY MONEY?Have you ever heard about “Happy money”? Today we’re going to discuss this exiting idea and how you can use the technique to attract abundance in your own life.Happy money is a concept invented by the lovely japanese “Zen milliona...
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Level 10 life - the goal setting & tracking tool you must have for your success
LEVEL 10 LIFE = GOAL SETTING + TRACKINGToday I want to talk about a concept that is described in the book The Miracle morning by Hal Elrod. The idea is that most of us don’t live up to our full potential, and the concept of Level 10 life&nb...
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Bullet Journal - The ultimate setup of collections
If you have ever heard of the bullet journal, you know that it is the ultimate combination of planning and mindfulness. Being a planning system, it is highly effective and being a system to take care of your well being it is highly sufficient.&n...
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The Self Care Salad Bar
Self care.So important, yet so easy to forget. When life gets in the way, the weeks fly by and all of a sudden you wonder why you feel so burned out. This can be due to lack of proper self care.In this article I will go through a simple trick that yo...
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7 solutions to a cluttered calendar: the introverts guide to meetings
Today we are discussing why you want to strive towards clearing your calendar and watch what goes in there.PROBLEMS WITH THE FULLY BOOKED CALENDARIt can seem tempting to block your calendar with meetings every week. You get a feeling of being signifi...
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The Sunday Reset - a weekly habit to help you clear out the old and plan out the new
Today I want to talk about something that has helped me a lot during my planning journey:the Sunday Reset. This habit has become more or less a ritual for me, and I look forward to making myself a cup of coffee and sit with my planner for the week ah...
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The ultimate guide to digital decluttering
Tell me if this is you:Are you overwhelmed every time you open your laptop and see all the files on the desktop?Is your phone cluttered with apps you don’t ever use?Do you have 10 or more tabs open when you browse the Internet?Have you downloaded too...
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Invite PLAY into your calendar: creative planning for creatives & solopreneurs
Today I want to talk about something very serious: PLAY.I truly believe that we are all creative beings, yet we don’t play as often as we used to when we were kids. Why is that? Studies show that play plays a significant role in a child’s development...
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Create an art journal section in your bullet journal
If you keep a bullet journal, chances are that you’re a creative person already. In this blog post I want to give you some tools to tap into more of your creativity and artistic skills by starting an art journal spread in your bullet journal.If you d...
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How to create a sigil for manifestation work
Today we’re going to do something fun. You can use this technique if you just want to invite more creativity into your life, but it’s also an effective manifestation and affirmation tool. If you have kids that are on their journey of learning how to ...
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A personal note on journaling
THE DAILY JOURNALThis is probably the most common ways of journaling. To capture what has happened through the day and what the overall thoughts and feelings were. I journal mostly like this, with a stream of consciousness: I write whatever comes to ...
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The pen and paper gym: treat your journaling habit as a premium gym membership
YOUR JOURNALING HABIT IS LIKE GOING TO THE GYMAre you struggling to find the time & energy to keep a journaling habit? If you want to be a person who keeps a daily journal but can’t seem to find the time & energy to do it, keep reading becaus...
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