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Are you a pagan, wiccan or witch? This pagan planner is for you!

If you’re into contemporary paganism, You might be familiar with a to-do list somewhat similar to this:

  • Work at your day job
  • Pick your kids up from school
  • Cook dinner
  • The household needs some attention
  • Go to the grocery store once in a while.
  • You want to fit your spriritual practice in there somewhere as well.

The pagan planner

Being a witch is an enriching practice, and if you are a planning enthusiast like me you might want to combine the planning for both everyday chores and to-dos with planning for the festivals, keep a tarot tracker and be able to see at a glance when it’s time for the next full moon.

But it can be hard work to be a modern witch. Modern life has it’s challenges. It’s not always easy to fit your spiritual practice into a modern calendar, where non of your needs have been taken under consideration. A modern planner is often designed to fit the busy world of work and business.

With a note taking app like Goodnotes, I saw the potential of combining digital planning with hand written pages and even a section dedicated to recipes, notes and spells. I wanted a planner that would fill my needs to plan for the spiritual stuff as well as a calendar for my everyday business.

A clean digital planner for pagans, witches and Wiccans

The Witches' Almanac digital planner is a digital pagan planner with the features for everyday pagan planning. It has a minimalist look to keep you distraction free. If you’re looking for something similar, hopefully you will find this planner to be a right fit for you as well.

In this YouTube walkthrough you can check out if it is something for you

You can Read more about the calendar and purchase it here.