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Gantt chart | Project Planner for Goodnotes

A project planner for digital planner geeks

Is this you:

  • You have a lot of projects going on. Perhaps you're a freelancer or a solopreneur.
  • You want to see all your projects at a glance, but you can't really do that with a calendar app.
  • You're a visual person who need to see everything at a glance.
  • You have a lot of deadlines that you have to keep track of.
  • You use Goodnotes and do all your planning within the app.
  • You love digital planning.
  • You love planning with your iPad pro.

If you've been looking for a digital project planner that can show you the projects at hand, this article is for you.

I searched for the right project planner for years.

I needed a simple Gantt chart where I could jot down my ongoing projects and see how much time I had for every project. I also wanted to be able to see if there were any overlaps, since this would demand more of my time.

It was easier said than done. There are thousands of planner apps out there, and they are great. For example I use Trello for my content planning, a regular calendar for my meetings and my digital weekly dark mode planner for my daily planning.

But I could never find the right Gantt chart style project planner that was able to let me see everything at a glance. I tried creating one with Excel, but it wasn't for me at all. I tried to download some apps, but they were all "free trials" with a subscription model which I'm not very fond of. So I grabbed a piece of paper and sketched out a paper project planner for my needs. This worked, until...

...I realized that every time I wanted to make changes or update something, the planner got messy and cluttered.

That's why I created this Gantt chart Project Planner.

Ever since I started using Goodnotes 4 years ago, I haven't looked back. Digital planning is just so smooth and it perfectly imitates the feeling of paper planning without the mess that comes with a paper planner. You can always reschedule and rearrange elements within your planner, and you don't have to go back and forth to check if you're available.

That's why I created this project planner:

  • It's clean
  • It's not cluttered
  • You can duplicate the pages within Goodnotes (which makes it easy to organize your projects)
  • Yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly & daily Gantt charts
  • I can easily color code all of the timeblocking within Goodnotes.