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Dark mode 2022 digital planner | weekly planner | Goodnotes
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Dark mode digital weekly planner | Perfect for Goodnotes | digital planning

Experience the feeling of planning in dark mode!
This weekly digital planner is good for your eyes and keeps you organized.
Just use a ligh colored pen in Goodnotes and you're good to go!

Included in the planner:
✅ Weekly Master Tasks list (Alastair method)
✅ Weekly Schedule spread for an at-a-glance view
✅ Daily pages (undated, easy to duplicate within Goodnotes)
✅ Weekly dated layouts of all the weeks during 2022
✅ Notes page
✅ 64 pages in total
✅ Hyperlinked tabs on every page for easy navigation

The digital planner is in PDF format.
This is a digital product. You will receive it immediately once the purchase is completed. 

The planner is perfect to use with Goodnotes and other pdf annotation apps. 

You will get a PDF (515KB) file

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