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Read this if you're a witch, pagan or Wiccan.

If you need a digital space to keep all your spells, notes & planning in one place, this is the planner for you.

With the 2023 Witches' Almanac digital planner you have everything you need for your magick, festival planning & moon rituals as well as a practical digital planner for your everyday life.

Hyperlinked daily & monthly tabs for quick and easy access to your planner pages.

The planner is designed to be used with a tablet & stylus.

A digital planner for your magick life.

We carefully crafted this planner to suit the everyday needs of witches, pagans & Wiccans.

We don't care if you call yourself a witch, pagan, Wiccan or something else - if you want a planner to help you with the magick in your life, this is the planner for you.

Maybe you're just getting started on the spiritual path by adding some divination tools (like tarot cards) in your everyday life, or maybe you're a seasoned experienced witch.

We've got you covered with this planner!

What's included in the Witches' Almanac:

The 2023 edition includes:

✅ Dark mode digital planner for Goodnotes app

✅ Yearly goals planner page

✅ 90 day goals planner page

✅ Weekly log & weekly review

✅ Undated daily planner (Monday-Sunday)

✅ Daily focus sheet

✅ Habit tracker

✅ Wheel of the year (with 2023 lunation dates)

✅ Monthly 2023 calendar (January-December 2023)

✅ Sabbaths planner: pages for major & minor sabbaths & rituals within the year

✅ Planner pages for new moon & full moon rituals

✅ “Spells & notes", i.e. notebook section to collect your own notes, spells and recipes.

✅ The notebook section contains dotted, ruled & squared pages. (Easily duplicate within Goodnotes when you need a new notes page.)

Features included in the planner:

Wheel of Year

The Wheel of Year with sabbaths, zodiac wheel & 2023 lunation dates.

Sabbaths & festivals

Minimalistic sabbaths & festival planner to help you plan your rituals, food prep & magic.

Monthly Tarot tracker

Track patterns & insights during the month.

Works great with the Simple Tarot digital tarot deck.

Beautiful mood tracker

Use the mood tracker to add some creativity and beauty to your planner.

Spells & notes

Take notes with style. Includes 3 different notes pages with a notes index for easy access.

Monthly & daily planner pages

Access your monthly & daily planner pages quickly & easily with the hyperlinked tabs at the top and right.

Start planning for a magick 2023!

With the 2023 Witches' Almanac digital planner you have all your magick planning on the go.

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