The Minimalists Next Door

We’re The Minimalists Next Door and our philosophy is pretty simple - less is always more, especially when it comes to possessions and obligations. In 2012, we began reassessing our life and realized that “stuff” and “debt” were robbing us of fun and happiness so we decided to make a radical change. We sold or donated more than 50% of our possessions and moved 2,200 miles away to a city we had never heard of. Since then, we’ve traveled to 8 countries and 25 US states (including Hawaii), explored Florida coast to coast, spent an entire summer volunteering for sea turtle patrol on Venice Beach, and road-tripped in a vintage travel trailer for 3 months; among lots of other adventures. Today, we reside in the Volunteer State (Tennessee) where you’re most likely to find us working in our garden, hiking one of our favorite trails, or just hanging out in the park. To learn more about minimalism and what inspired us to adopt this lifestyle, visit our blog at