Delia Nessim

Delia Nessim had a mystical experience as a child that spurred her interest in spirituality from a very early age. Although trained as a family therapist she always enjoyed learning about alternative healing modalities. While being certified as a hypnotist, she learned about EFT. She has since become a certified Master EFT practitioner. This modality is so easy and effective in reducing deep, painful emotions that it quickly became her primary therapeutic tool. Delia uses EFT to help clear blocked energy from childhood wounds as well as emotional baggage from past lives. Although her passion is in spiritual principles, Delia has a heart-felt, client-driven approach to problem solving that feels pragmatic and easy. Delia is also a certified “Tapping into Wealth Coach” by Margaret Lynch. Delia conducts most of her work via phone and skype which makes it convenient and easy to reach people all over the world. The “tapping into wealth” coaching allows the client to access and clear subconscious blocks thereby allowing more money and freedom into their lives. Delia has had several clear spiritual encounters and accurate intuitive hits. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge about spirituality with others in an effort to help them reach their highest potential with ease and joy.