Mouloud Benzadi author

website influences Victor Hugo, Dominique Lapierre About this author Mouloud Benzadi, is an Algerian writer and active member of the Algerian and Arab Writers' Union. He graduated from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in Algiers in June 1991. In 1991, he moved to London in the United Kingdom, where he published his first children's book 'The Vain Gazelle He also published an English - Arabic Dictionary that has the largest and most complete collection of phrasal verbs in the Arabic-speaking world 'English Phrasal Verbs in Arabic In April 2011, he published his first novel 'Abarat Wa Ibar' meaning 'Tears and lessons, a Non Fiction - Drama genre. In October 2013, he published 'Al-zad' Dictionary of Arabic Synonyms He now lives in the UK with his wife and children.