marisa bovane

library of lybrary is a new business and the right we need from you is a new right. If we were to acquire all the electronic (or digital) publishing rights this would be too broad for our purposes. For instance, we don't need adaptation rights or interactive rights. So we have defined the right as follows: Internet Right means the non-exclusive right, in relation to each Book, to market and sell the Book by way of the eBooks Service utilizing search and activity capabilities including hyperlinks, bookmarking, note-taking, highlighting and copying and pasting, and includes the non-exclusive right to digitally reproduce, store and transmit the Works and published editions of Works for that purpose, but does not include the right to: change, adapt or animate a Work;translate a Work;reproduce a Work in the form of a film or video;use a Work in an interactive multimedia format, except to the extent necessary to make the Internet Transcription; orexcept for Subsidiary Uses, license Customers to make further uses of a Work without the prior approval of the Publisher.