Jade - Mummieswaiting

In 2014 I was planning for our first family holiday abroad. My brain whizzed round with hundred of questions. What was the law on breastfeeding in France? Would my girls be too young to ride anything in Disneyland? Could I get hold of nappies easy if I ran out? I took to Google but had no luck, the questions I really needed answering (like What can my child ride at Disney?) just didn’t have any answers out there yet. Fortunately our trip was amazing, we loved every second and came home excited to book more. However part of me felt sad that the countdown to our trip, the time that’s supposed to be exciting and fun, had been shadowed by this big black cloud of questions. It was then I knew I wanted to change this, I needed to share the information I know knew to stop other people from feeling this way. So in early 2015 Mummies Waiting changed direction. I started writing new posts and filming vlogs with a passion to share my experiences and help others. What had started as blog to document my children’s lives had became an quest to help other parents enjoy every second of their own adventure.