E & K Trading Limited

I'm an entrepreneur with a real passion for e-commerce, affiliate marketing, general internet marketing, CPA, health, fitness, diet and much more.  I love the idea of working for self as against the popular 9 - 5 with an employer where you have to wait for 30 days to get paid.  Working for self gives you a major advantage in that you will have more freedom to yourself, doing the things that you love.  Being an entrepreneur is not all about money but about someone who has a vision for something and a want to create which will impact its society positively.

My belief is that failure is not an end in itself, however, when you fail to get up from where you have fallen and continue the pursuit is the failure.  In short, you have not failed until you have given up.  If you don't give up you still have a chance.  Giving up is the greatest failure.