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10 Benefits of Blogging for Your Small Business

There are over 160,000,000 blogs online at this moment in time. That is 160 MILLION blogs vying for attention in the great web of the t’internet!

So why aren’t you blogging in your fitness business?

Too busy? Is that enough of an excuse?

Given the benefits of blogging, no, it’s not.

So what are the benefits of blogging for small business owners?

Here’s my top 10 blogging benefits:

1) Boosts the search engine ranking of your business website.

Want to get high up in Google results when your potential clients search for a personal trainer in your area? Then blog. Google and other search engines love nothing more than dynamic, changing content and a blog provides just that. Ensure your blog talks about topics and themes relevant to your business; place strategic keywords in the content and if this is what your ideal customer will be searching for; hey presto, you’re there in the search results.

2) Attract new visitors and keep existing ones

In line with number 1, changing content will keep current visitors coming back for more as well as attracting new visitors. This in turn will lead to new client/customers if you play your cards right.

3) Establish yourself as an expert

Writing blog posts that provide answers to common questions/problems in your industry establishes you as an expert in your field and the “go to” person in this industry. SO find out what problems your potential customers are having, solve that problem in a detailed post and let them find you or share it with them via social media etc.

4) Gather a community of loyal ambassadors

Once people start to realise that you provide a timely and useful blog you will create an army of fans that wait for each edition and are willing to recommend you to their friends/network.

5) Spotlight a new product/service

Use a blog post to detail your new product or service, share it with your network and get them to spread the word.

6) Get immediate feedback on your writing and business

Every blog post should have a comments section. This allows your readers to tell you what they think of you, your writing, your business and/or your service/product. This helps you make changes quickly and appropriately.

7) Collect emails to promote your business

The comments section is also a great way of collating emails (just warn people if you are going to use them in this way). You can then add these to your mailing list and offer further products/services to them.

8) Learn lots about the business

Researching topics for blog posts is a great way of learning more. (Trust me, I know)

To write, you must read and to read is to learn.

9) Broaden your network

Asking for guest posts/bloggers will widen your network. You’ll find other professionals and businesses that have the same (and different) interests to you. How can you collaborate? How does their business compliment yours?

10) Improve your article writing

Writing blogs is hard but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.


So when was the last time you blogged?

Share your blogs links below.

If you’re struggling with writing your blogs – lack of time or ideas – get in touch to discuss my blog writing packages for small business.

Until next time