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22 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Page

We are forever at the mercy of Facebook’s dreaded algorithms and I think you’ll all agree, we can never be quite sure we’re doing what Facebook wants BUT I do believe that regardless of what your posting there is a way to make sure your Facebook page itself is in tip-top condition.

The Optimal Facebook Page

Here are 22 ways that you can optimise your Facebook page to ensure that you are getting the most out of it. Whenever I take on a new Facebook client, the first thing I do is conduct this audit to ensure that my posts are building something on rock solid foundations.

1) Claim your easy to remember “vanity” url

Get rid of all the numbers in the link to your Facebook page by claiming the vanity url which is easier for your clients/visitors to remember. It also helps distinguish you from other businesses with the same/similar name. eg[yourbusinessname] is MUCH easier to remember than

2) Ensure your cover photo is professional, eye-catching and engaging.

At the time of writing the dimensions for this image should be 1080 x 608 pixels and if you use Canva, you can ensure that you are using the right size, as well as make use of their templates. You can even upload multiple cover photos and have them act as a slideshow. Or how about a video? Whatever you choose make sure it represents you and your brand, and explains what your page (and company) is all about.

3) Describe the benefits of your product/service on your cover photo/video.

If you have a tagline, include it on the cover photo. Cover images aren’t meant to “just” look pretty, they’re supposed to be informational too.

4) Upload an eye-catching profile image

This image will be the one that represents your business across Facebook, when your engaging and commenting as your page – does it represent you and your brand efficiently? Headshots works well but why not add your logo? Or your website along the bottom?

5) Complete the short ABOUT section

This is your chance to tell visitors exactly what you do in a couple of sentences. If you can’t explain it in a few sentences you don’t know what you do very well. Different Facebook page templates will have different layouts and segments but the about section is the still the most prominent.

6) Explain the features and benefits of your product/service in the bigger about section

Complete your about section as fully as possible to ensure you fully explain what it is you do, who you do it for, where you do it, how it is delivered and when.

7) Complete the “Our Story” section

Like the about section of your Facebook page, the “Our Story” section is very important. And it’s also a great place to talk more about your business. Like an extension of your website or blog. You can fill it with links, headings, images etc to make it a rich experience for your visitors who read it. And each time you update it your page followers will be notified. Same goes for your about section, so it makes sense to revisit, update, edit and save periodically.

8) Create a CALL TO ACTION button

This is one of the best (in my opinion) updates by Facebook. The ability to give your page visitors the option to press a button and be taken wherever you want them to go. The only drawback is that the options are limited. There’s no way to customise the text shown but it’s great for sending people to your webiste, lead magnet, booking app or to simply call you. Make sure you use it (and that it works like it should!)

9) Display your website in the ABOUT Section

You’d be surprised how many people forget to add their website to their Facebook page. Enusre yours is there!

11) Links within your about section and Story

AS previously mentioned your Story can be enriched with links to external sites, so put the links to your other social media platforms, your website, or even a site whee you were featured or guest blogged you want to promote.

Things to do OFF your Facebook page to improve it

So now we’ve got your actual Facebook page optimized, it’s time to look outside of that to other ways you can get more eyes on it. In the world of Facebook exposure gets exposure.

12) Add your Facebook Page details to your personal profile info

Just because you don’t work for a BIG company (or maybe you do) doesn’t mean you can’t include your business in the “WORK” section of your personal profile. You can input your position and select your Facebook page, so that when people visit your profile (or hover over your name on comments) FB will show where you work (ie your Facebook page) and people can click on it to engage. Winner winner chicken dinner.

13) Post about your business on your personal profile

You are permitted to share your business page posts on your personal profile. So do talk about it and tag your FB page, share your posts etc. It helps with reach and exposure.

14) Link to your Facebook Page from your Website

Do you prominently display your Facebook page on your website.? Either via an icon or having the feed displayed on it? This makes it easier for website visitors to follow you with one simple click. Do it.

15) Boost a post or run an ad once a month

Facebook ads have a reputation for being expensive but they don’t have to be. For as little as £10 per month you can get great gains for your business. I’ve got a great tip making £10 go further to. Ask me about “making £10 act like £100”. 😉


I couldn’t talk about Facebook and not mention posting. It’s the lifeblood of any Facebook page and getting it right can take a while and for most of that time you may feel like you’re talking to yourself. Get comfortable with it.

16) Post at least once a day to your page

A lot of people I work with complain about FB not working for them when in reality they are just not working for Facebook.

Simply put, you have to post to be noticed.

Finding the optimum number and timings of posts for YOUR page can take a while and should be reviewed regularly. If you don’t have the time to do it then consider outsourcing. BUT if you can you should post to your page at least once a day during the week. In addition, stories can be done more frequently and at weekends you may find you need to up the amount.

17) Vary post types

Images and video always work well on Facebook but don’t neglect the plain text posts and also links to websites (although I tend to put these with an image so that FB classes it as a visual post rather than a link post). As always, check your Insights, and see what works for you and your audience.

I like to follow the 3Cs and 4Es when it comes to ANY social media platform: Consistency, Community, Call-to-Action, Entertainment, Engagement, Empowerment, and Education. Pick & mix one of each and you’ve got the ideal post

18) Encourage people to like or comment

Not sure what works for your audience – ask them! Posts tat ask a question (or better yet for help) always get good traction. Facebook loves to see your page being active so will show your most interacted with posts to more people to get more interaction. So as I said before exposure begets exposure and likewise interaction begets interaction.

19) Respond to comments

To foster the second C – community – you MUST respond to comments on your posts, otherwise it looks like your just broadcasting and not really bothered about your followers; a real turn off. In the words of the gorgeous Captain Picard, “ENGAGE”

20) Share tips about your niche

It’s not all about YOU! It’s about what you do. Don’t be afraid to share the secrets of your (and your industry’s) success. Share videos of cheats etc so they can get the “salon-at-home” (or whatever the alternative is for you) You’ll have them wanting to book in for the professional treatment in no time at all.

21) Ensure your posts benefit your audience

Like the above – it’s not about you! Businesses ultimately exists to benefit customers. No customer benefit – no business. And that goes for your social media and all marketing. Before you post ask yourself, how will this benefit my audience? And remember the 3Cs/4Es.

22) Post link to your website regularly

Finally, it's all well and good getting eyes on your Facebook page but what is it you actually want them to do there. Do you use FB to get leads, website traffic, purely for customer service, or to build a community and brand ambassadors? Remember the 3rd C - CALL TO ACTION

Any of these is a valid Facebook strategy but each will influence your post in a different way.

How, is up to you.