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3 Tips for Finding Online Content Inspiration

It can be hard to come up with ideas for social media content so a good idea (if I do say so myself) is to use a Content Calendar

Make your diary work for you

As a business owner you will have a diary or calendar used to record meetings, exhibitions, seminars etc but do you ever take note of the events already noted in there?

Now everyone knows what day Christmas and New Year fall on, along with Valentine’s Day and to some extent Easter, but what about other events; world events such as Mardi Gras (Feb 12, this year) or the Battle of the Boyne (July 12). how could you work these into your marketing efforts?

For example crafters could design new crafts for these events; feathery headdresses Brazilian flags etc and showcase them via blogs, Twitter and Facebook. has each month broken down into days, weeks and “months of …”.

Month long marketing

It’s not just days that are important either. Whole months are often dedicated to one cause or other. Make this a feature for your Facebook page for a month. For example, January is not just the first month of the year but also International Brainteaser month, so why not set little teasers on your page every day until February, when it then becomes International Expect Success Month.

12 opportunities for engagement

Having a different theme on your pages every month, week or even day can help increase engagement with your fans and make you known to more and more people, putting in the enviable position of being on the “mental shopping list” next time they need your product or services.

What ideas can your diary stir up for you? Need a hand getting inspired?