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5 Easy Ideas for Your Next Blog Post

Everyone extols the benefits of blogging and most small business owners know they should blog, but it is a time-consuming and often banal task IF you don’t know where to start.

The questions I often get asked by start-up professionals:

  • What should I write about on my fitness blog?
  • What sort of topics will my readers be interested in?
  • Why should I blog?

Well, firstly, you definitely should blog as it’s great for SEO. Posting a piece rich with keywords relevant to your business is great for getting you on Google’s first pages. Plus the regular content shows Google and other search engines that you are dedicated and your site is live, further boosting SEO.

But when it comes to what you should write about it can be a bit trickier. Got writer’s block, anyone?

5 ideas for a blog

To help you out here’s a list of top five blogging ideas:

Google Trends 

What is the world searching for RIGHT NOW? Google Trends will tell you. Then it’s up to you to figure out how to tailor that to the your industry and get a blog post out of it.

eg. Got a new prime minister/president/charity patron? What’s their workout or diet regime?

Top Tips

Write a list of top tips for doing something within your industry or the top three/five/ten/twenty programs or tools you use in your industry. (just like this blog!) Make each point a sub-header with an explanation underneath. People may not read ALL of your blog post but with headers they’ll be able to pick out the pertinent points.

Insider’s Insight

Report on a industry event you have recently attended. Gone through some new training? Tell everyone about it. Or why not give a rundown of what happens in one of your days/workshops?

Guest blog

Ask someone who runs a complementary business to do a guest blog post for you. eg. If you’re aPT but you don’t offer a massage service, consider asking someone who does to write a blog post for you on the benefits of massage.

Case Study

What have you done for a customer/client? How do you help them with their problems and goals? What do they say about you? This can make a really great blog post as well as showing everyone else what you can do.

Ultimately, blog posts do not have to be pages and pages long.

Stick to 400-500 words to make it easier – a bit longer for better SEO benefits – but most of all make sure it’s relevant, useful, timely, personable and, importantly, frequent.

Until next time…